Canine P4 Analyzer

Testing procedure for Progesterone

Step 1- Turn on the machine and make sure the Temperature is between 25C and 28C on the top right hand of the screen.
Step 2- Place microchip of the test you are going to perform, make sure the lot # number in each box matches, the strip box and the buffer box, as that microchip will only work for those 25 test.
Step 3- Take out as many buffers as you are going to use for the test and let them get to room temperature, at least 15 to 20 min.
Step 4- Withdraw blood I recommend at least 3mL to 5mL and you need to let it sit at least 15 minutes before spinning, the more blood you withdraw the better serum you are going to get, serum needs to be clear not pink or red, hemolysis will or may cause bad results, so serum is very important when performing your test.
Step 5- After the blood is completely coagulated then put in the centrifuge spinner for at least 10 to 15 minutes, and spin at 3000 RPM Step 6- Set your pipette at 30uL and place a new tip to withdraw 30uL of serum and place in the little orange cuvette that has the buffer, shake at least 10 to 15 times so the mix of the 2 are homogenized.
Step 7- Have your test strip ready in a flat surface and dust free.
Step 8- Set your pipette at 75 uL and change the tip, each time you withdraw new liquid your tip has to be changed or it can alter your test, have a timer ready and set at exactly 15 minutes.
Step 9- Withdraw 75 uL of the Buffer – serum mix and place in the little round of the test strip, start your timer immediately.
Step 10- Press select on the machine and the black tray will come out of the right side of the machine and when the 15 minutes are up place the test strip in the machine with the arrow pointing frontward and press select again and the results will be displayed in the screen in nml/L and ng/mL.
The P4 Analyzer reads from 1.4 ng/mL to 40.0 ng/mL or 4.45nml/ml to 127.20 nml/mL, so reading below that number or above that number it will not read.

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