Canine P4 Analyzer White Combo + 200 Test and Printer

$ 4,800.00


2 year  warranty

Combo deal P4 Analyzer White

Included for U$D 4800 

Canine P4 Analyzer white

Canine P4 Chamber Incubator for test

200 Progesterone Test

Thermal Printer

100 Red Tubes

1 pippet 30 UL

1 pippet 75 UL

1000 pippet tips

1 Centrifuge spinner

Immunofluorescence Assay System Reader is a portable fluorescence scanning instrument for measuring the concentration of target analyses in canine blood, urine and other specimens which will be properly processed in accordance with appropriate Immunoassay Test procedures.

Accurate & Fast
Quantitative results in 3-15 minutes.
Built-in calibration
Versatile & Flexible
Over 20 parameters available
Dimensions: 250 x 185 x 80 mm
Weigh: 1.2 kgs
Power adaptor : 12V DC., 3A
Display: LCD (16 x 4 character)
Interfac : RS232 (Serial port)
Key pads: 5 function keys
LIS/HIS connection via PC
Thermal printer (optional)

2 Year Warranty


Canine P4 White


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